Building Your Dream Home in Greece is a Dream Come True

The home of your dreams may be one that you have built to your precise specifications, or one that you search for and find already built with the many amenities that you may desire in a home. Owning a dream home is something that many people only think about in passing, but for others, it is something that perhaps a life savings is invested to ensure the new home is all they ever wanted.  A big question that some people may ask themselves is where they should have their dream home. While there may be many locations worldwide, there is only one country that shines luxuriously whether a home is built for a person living alone or even one large enough to house a family of six or more.


Greece has long been a beautiful choice for a vacation for people from all around the globe and it only makes sense to work with a licensed real estate professional to make it a home when searching for that dream location. 


With all that Greece offers in addition to land, you can be sure to find many reasons to make Greece your home. Here, you will find many benefits, beautiful views and plenty to do. Greece is a place full of wonder that invites you to enter and enjoy life whether you’re a tourist or you are someone looking to find your long-time, forever home.


The Dream Awaits You


Living in the home of your dreams is not far from reach when you choose to move to Greece.  When you find the best property for your needs, the perfect setting and a beautiful sunrise to wake up too every morning, Greece welcomes one and all that want to call their land home.


With homes that are currently offered for sale or rent, you can also find a little slice of heaven to call your own without having to wait for the plans to be drawn up and then carried out. Many homes in Greece boast everything from the most beautiful architecture to the most lavish of kitchen and living spaces. Wherever you live, it is easy to walk outside and smell the fresh air, feel the breeze and watch as the waves roll in from the sea. The luxurious homes alone are worth moving to Greece for.


If you’re thinking of visiting Greece for a vacation instead of taking the plunge and moving all at once, then a vacation rental property is where you’ll feel the most comfortable. Villas, condo and seaside apartments are all very welcoming to visitors and a great way to get to know the country before finding a permanent location. Choosing to have a vacation prior to moving can let you know that making a permanent move is the right choice for you to make.


Why Make the Move?


There are many reasons why someone would want to make the move to Greece. If you’ve visited or vacationed in the area, then you know that this might be the place you could see yourself laying out on the beaches at or the place where you can find a comfortable, close knit community. These reasons have been the basis for many to make the move, and why you might want to make it too.


Health and Happiness Abound


Greece offers many delicious food options, as well as a fresh food market each week. Not only do the foods taste great, but many are locally grown and help with eating a healthier diet. A healthier diet along with fresh air and sunshine is enough to make anyone want to move to the area. To go along with great health, Greece is an active country where outdoor adventures await allowing you to get your exercise in with fun activities day or night. With plenty of exercise, more fresh air and fresher foods, you will enjoy a health boost that will help cut down on stress while living in Greece.


The Beaches are the Most Divine


Usually, a vacation planned to Greece involves stopping at one or two of the popular local beaches. Imagine living right on a Greek beach and waking up to the sound of the majestic sea rolling in every morning This is a luxury that only those living in the area can enjoy year-round. Petani and Nevagio are both popular beaches for those who are new to Greece. There are many beaches in Greece however, so hopping from one to another as the day’s pass is something that can be fun to do. 


History Welcomes You Around Every Corner


Greece is known for having roots deeply planted in history. With plenty of places to explore around you, you will want to learn about Greece’s history and find each new place as fascinating as the last. The Parthenon, Acropolis of Athens and Knossos are all located in Greece and welcome you to come out and explore them.


The People are Accepting and Friendly


The residents of Greece are very welcoming to newcomers. When you move to the country, you’ll likely find a wealth of neighbors that are happy to greet you in your new neighborhood or who will take time to show you around your local area. What’s more is that they might even bring you a glass of wine or even a bite to eat so you can take a little time to get to know each other better.


Plenty of Activities to Keep You Moving


There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from when you want to spend your day out in the warm sunshine. Spending the day walking or hiking through the beautiful local villages is a great way to spend hours at a time sightseeing the local architecture and other spectacular sights. It’s also a great pastime to spend time shopping at the local shops or indulging in some ice cream or delicious coffee in one of the small cafes. There are parks where picnics can be enjoyed with the whole family and of course, the sea will beckon you to jump in and enjoy the warm water or take some time to have a little fun on a sailing trip around the islands or venturing out for other watercraft fun.


The Move to Greece Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult 


When considering a move to Greece, it might seem like a lot is involved and of course, there is plenty to consider and take care of before you can move. However, professionals can help make your move much easier. If you want to move your items to your new home, this can be done with a professional overseas mover. 


They can take up to 6 weeks to ship personal items depending on the time it takes customs to clear things. Be sure to help smooth the transition by having the following documents ready for when your items arrive at port:


Documents for Importing Personal Household Goods


  • Residence Permit and Passport
  • Itemized List of All Goods
  • Past 2 Years Income Tax Returns
  • Property Tax Receipts
  • Utility Bills for the Residence


Shipping a vehicle has a few stringent requirements including fees that must be paid and vehicle registration policies once the car arrives. Most people use public transportation or walk or bicycle when they move to Greece. If you would rather not leave your vehicle behind during your move, then making use of a vehicle shipping company is always a good idea. An international auto shipper can help with shipping quotes and advice on safe vehicle shipping to Greece, use quote generating websites to compare international car shipping rates.


You will need some important documents when importing a car to Greece.


Documents Needed for Importing Vehicles


  • Official Vehicle Registration Form
  • Residence Permit and Passport
  • Driving License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Tax returns or W2 forms
  • Proof of past employment
  • International Driver’s License
  • Consular certificate
  • Property tax records or rental receipts
  • Utility bills
  • Proof of Greek citizenship or a residency or work permit


When considering the move to Greece, always make sure to have a secure plan in place ahead of time. Work with a licensed real estate professional that specializes in homes in Greece as they will be your source for the most useful help and information when looking to move. Your dream home is waiting, now is the time to enjoy all that Greece offers as a resident and not just a tourist.

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