Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
IMMO ABROAD ESPANA SL respects your privacy and the responsibility to provide you protection against improper use of your personal data. In the following privacy statement you can read what information we collect from you and how we will used it.

Personal information
Our company does not use personal information from visitors to our website (s) to send unsolicited offers of products or services to send unless you consent. Our company never allows information about visitors to its websites to third parties if this is otherwise intended for your travel booked with our organization as smoothly as possible. (landlord) This is therefore limited to the names, birth dates and possibly your mobile phone. You can only be asked to provide your bank details, for the deposit paid by you , this information is used to return your deposit back at your bank account.

Visit our websites
When you visit our websites, the technical characteristics of your queries in our log files are stored on our servers. These data are used to service your search results and potential to improve booking. This will set the IP address, for our statistics and the IP address will only be used to distinguish visitors. Also we track the browser type and totalize the visits data to improve our customer service.

Our sites use cookies, which are temporary files where information is saved. These files are used to good search behavior to match the range that we offer. Cookies are exclusively from our own systems or may be placed by third parties which are directly involved in your booking or visit our website.

You can always disable cookies in your browser, however, the operation and proper service (service) of the sites you visit or take off, you will receive less information.

Return visits
Your search performance is recorded, in these cookies, your login data saved it for you easier if the site again to minimize input actions.

Visit to other website
If you come to our site(s) via another website (affiliate / partner) which promote our products, then we will store data in files, in order to assess where our customers come from. This includes paid advertising sites, search engines such as visiting Google and / or Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft or affiliate networks.

Using stat counter
We use statistic data, these data are intended to improve our service to continue not for personal purposes.

Our company retains and uses your personal data only when you yourself have entered into our systems and which if it is clear that you have provided us with them. These data are included in our customer file on our secure servers for the correct performance of the contract.

When entering, you agree that we will only use this information for the proper execution of your booking, searches and / or request for information.

Third party sites
This Privacy Statement does not apply to websites of third parties through links on our websites or which will be undertaken.

Changes to Privacy Statement
Our company reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It is recommended that this Privacy Statement and Disclaimer, periodically is checked for changes so that you are aware.

Our servers are located in a secure area and our websites and payment systems are SSL protected, for more information on this label and what guarantee you this offer you can consult this link:

You always have the right to request your information completely removed, this can be our customer service approach, for safety reasons we ask that you always request a written statement, this can only be from the e-mail address in our system is known. You will receive written confirmation stating that your information is completely removed. To contact our customer service click here: CONTACT let you do this on the fact that we are only able to grant this request if all obligations to both sides are satisfied.