Mortgage application:

IMMO ABROAD helps you with the most efficient mortgage application directly through a Spanish bank without intermediaries to get your approval as fast as possible.

How does this work:

When you complete the application with your basic information. Our system links your request directly to the manager at the bank who will contact you within 24 hours.

Your application will be processed and the bank will ask you to provide required documents and information, normally these are your income details, tax return and any details about real estate or loans in your name.

You will receive a pre-approval after a maximum of ¾ days, this approval with an initial quotation and/or advice is without obligations.

Important to know:

Our service if you are a client at IMMO ABROAD is free.

Complete our instant quote and you will receive an answer within a few days or your mortgage will be pre-approved. Please note that this is always a pre-approval until the bank has all your original documents and the valuation of the property, so you must never commit to a purchase or agree written in the purchase agreement that dissolution will take place if the mortgage is not definitively approved.

Application form:

Spanish NIE number is a tax number that you need for your purchase and mortgage.
Please note that the above amount of the purchase of the home is exclusive of transfer tax and costs. IMMO ABROAD will advise you on the additional costs depending on the region where you are purchasing.
Please leave comments here if you believe this is important for the bank.