Reasons to apply at IMMO ABROAD

E-learning programs

E-learning programs

Join our training courses and learn to work with modern software, internet sales, management and marketing technology

Explore the World

Explore the World

International operating company. Meet and speak with customers and partners from over 122 countries around the world.

Work together

Work together

Work helping people to find their dream home for vacation, long stay or living, with one mission: Your dream home is our passion.

What people work with and for us say about us

What people work with and for us say about us


The IMMO Abroad marketing and IT team has given me a lot of inspiration working as a freelance web designer.


Working as estate agent at Ayora Homes I like to spend my time efficiently, and with IMMO Abroad I can spend more time for my customers.


Working in real estate in Ibiza is wonderful, especially with IMMO Abroad customers that I can show around the island.


I love the office, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, lovely colleagues just a little tip for our team, more walking and more food please!


Sales <span>&</span> business<br> development

Sales & business

  • Country sales manager
  • Regional sales manager
  • Regional sales assistant
  • Country rental manager
  • Financial manager
  • Financial assistant
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing assistant
  • Social media planner
IT <span>&</span> product<br>development

IT & product

  • Developer PHP
  • Developer XML, JSON webserver
  • HTML HTML5 Coder
  • Graphip UI designer
  • Data analist
  • Technology analist
Customer service <br><span>&</span> support

Customer service
& support

  • Customer service manager
  • Customer support manager

Working with IMMO

At IMMO ABROAD we think differently about working hours, today's Internet technology gives people more freedom to better combine their life with their job.That's why our systems have been developed based on the philosophy of more freedom at work. Enjoying your job and being service oriented is the core of our success, which is not only obvious to our customers but also to the people that work with us and that add to our success on a daily basis! Offering excellent properties to buy or rent in more than 500 holiday regions around the world, at the best available price, that is our mission. Decide on the time that you are available and plan your income with our HR manager. Want to find out more? Fill in the form and contact us!

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