Properties for sale in Oliva

Properties for sale in Oliva


Oliva is a wonderful place; one can choose for permanent residence. This Spanish city has all the facilities that are required for luxurious and comfy stay for anyone. Keeping in mind the same fact, large numbers of people now prefer acquiring properties in this wonderland. To ease the entire process of acquisition of properties for sale in Oliva, the team members of IMMO ABROAD come forward to help the prospective buyers. We make available properties required by the clients specific to their tastes and requirements. We have assorted some of the best properties on our list and present the same to our esteemed and worthy clients. We take pride to let you know that we have [count] the number of property for sale in Oliva. Thus you may remain assured of getting a property of your choice and as per your needs in the posh locations of the city. For different types of clients, varying properties are there in this lovely city. Keep reading the article to get more information regarding the best properties for sale in Oliva. More about properties for sale in Oliva The properties for sale in Oliva are all fabulous and superb. It is because IMMO ABROAD believes in offering the best properties to its clients. That is why we have selected only top-rate properties that are well-equipped with all the basic facilities and amenities. The spacious and well-ventilated properties offer a feeling of freshness and comfort readily to the customers. There is ample space on each property. Also, we have varying sizes and types of properties available to us. Thus families of all sizes may ask for properties as per their specific requirements. The properties presented by us are located in some of the most wonderful locations of the city. Some properties are located in the heart of the city while some others are located in some remote places. It has been done keeping in mind varying requirements of the customers. You can even get properties near to the beaches also. We offer properties suiting different types of budget limits as well.

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A Bit more about Oliva

Oliva is a municipality in the Valencian Community of Spain. The province has over 10 kilometers of Mediterranean Sea shoreline and beaches and boasts of a green lush landscape with fantastic villas within walking distance of Oliva Nova golf course. Oliva is a modest, pleasant town on Spain's stunning Costa Blanca, located halfway between Valencia and Alicante. Oliva is a picture-perfect town with the Mediterranean Sea in front, mountains behind, and stunning white-sand beaches. Oliva is located on the Costa Azahar's southernmost tip (also known as the Orange Blossom coast), joining Spain's Costa Blanca, a popular tourist destination. Oliva is a wonderful destination to visit for a vacation, and the town's economy is heavily dependent on travelers and tourism. The weather in Oliva and the climate are among the greatest globally, pulling in golf lovers to the Oliva nova golf resort. The Mediterranean cuisine and most popular attractions promote a hearty and healthy lifestyle, while the relaxed and convivial atmosphere contributes to ex-pats' high quality of life. From a beautiful town house near a golf course to a spacious apartment with a large living-dining room, Oliva property type has every possible customer in mind. Continue reading as you get to know more about properties matching your search criteria. The notion of migrating to another Spain is exciting. Learning a new language or adjusting to a new culture can be challenging. However, the possibilities for advancement and excitement are virtually endless. If you're thinking about moving to Spain, we have the perfect place for you. Oliva, a beautiful town in Spain, isn't the first location that comes to mind when people think of living in Spain; in fact, most people who move to Spain have never heard of it. However, this little town is becoming increasingly popular among foreigners looking to buy property for sale in Oliva. Although purchasing a property for sale in Oliva may be seen as a significant step, it may be difficult, especially if you are unaware of the hazards or unfamiliar with the procedure. So, the use of selected estate agents like ImmoAbroad, who are equipped with experience, will help you find the best Oliva property type in a modern residential complex located on a quiet street that offers you the benefits of living in a very quiet area. Learn more about this beautiful town Oliva

A Home by the Oliva Beach

Having a townhouse is fun, but buying a home along the Oliva beach or Rannells beach is more appealing as these properties for sale in Oliva offer stunning sea views. Property types near the beach offer a privileged viewpoint of the Mediterranean Sea and give its owners direct access to full beach amenities. If you feel owning a property by the beach suits your needs, you can choose to buy a luxury apartment, a floor apartment, or a fully fenced plot, as all these and more properties are approved for sale by the land registry. Some of the luxury apartments in this newly constructed area showcase a home built with minimum construction elements that features a large terrace on the ground floor with the entrance hall leading to a very spacious living room with a fireplace, fully fitted kitchen and storage room. The temperature of this floor apartment is optimally regulated by a functional air conditioner and central heating. On the first floor, the bright apartment offers two bedrooms or three bedrooms depending on the max price, and its rustic style captures the beauty and history of Oliva in its designs. The first two bedrooms are double bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom. The third bedroom has its independent bathroom and a balcony that offers its occupant stunning views of the white flag beaches and green lush landscape. Other floor apartments on Oliva beach offer cheaper utilities than the luxury apartment described above. Such a property type isn't fully fenced, and its average price may suit your budget as data of past sold house prices provided estate agents with the hypothesis that foreign buyers quickly snap up such properties for sale. If a beach home is your dream property, then expect such homes to be priced from 120,000 euros to 260,000 euros

Townhouse in Oliva Pueblo

If living in the city center appeals to your curiosity, then get ready to buy a beautiful townhouse in this once small Spanish village as traditional Spanish Finca are for sale located near the country Costa Blanca north. Such properties for sale in Oliva are usually just a residential complex that offers property with garden areas with orange groves, good parking or street parking, access to a communal pool, and is within walking distance of Oliva's essential amenities. Such a property will boast a ground floor with a large terrace leading into the living room with fireplace, a kitchen with a wood stove, and a large storage room. New properties may have a first and second floor depending on the developer's design. The master bedroom and ensuite bathroom will be available on the first floor with access to a private terrace that offers stunning views. Electricity, potable water, and convenient parking are available in such complexes. You can buy your dream townhouse property today as the price ranges from 80,000 to 180,000 euros.

Apartments for sale near Oliva Playa

If you are a golfer looking to buy a property near a golf course, then look no further than properties in Oliva Playa that offer first line golf views whenever you look out of your private terrace on the third floor. Such three floors of luxury apartments don't come cheap, and their quality is flawless as developers build these properties with exquisite designs. The ground floor hosts a large terrace that offers anyone relaxing first line golf views of friends putting their balls. The living room with fireplace keeps occupants cozy when it gets cold and is a family den for fun activities. On the first floor, the master bedroom, study, and guest room are on this floor. Two bathrooms are also located on this first floor. The third floor hosts a penthouse and two bedrooms with independent bathrooms. The rooms are all modern styled, and heat is supplied by central heating to the rooms. Other three floors properties may feature three bedrooms, a complete bathroom, and a magnificent master bedroom with a dressing room and ensuite bathroom. The master bedroom and second double bedroom are light and airy since they front a large brick patio and take advantage of the early morning light. The other two have a window on the patio. Apartments in such residential complexes offer their residents access to a private pool, communal swimming pool, country club access, double garage, and 24-hour security. If you value serenity and privacy, you can buy any of the luxury homes available as they are priced at 100,000 to 260,000 euros.

Villas for sale in Oliva country side

On the outskirts of Oliva, there are villas with beautiful mountain views. These properties are in a fully enclosed plot with a lovely garden area, growing orange groves, plunge pool access, a covered grill with a washroom and a storage room, private pool access and stunning sea views. A lovely covered patio with arcades, a big living room with fireplace and kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower are all found on the ground floor. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a stunning master bedroom with a dressing room and ensuite bathroom may be found on the first floor. Because they front a big brick patio and take advantage of the early morning light, the master bedroom and second double bedroom are bright and airy. The other two have a window that looks out into the patio. Though the villa is located on the outskirts, the beach is 200 meters away, and the village is five minutes away by car. It is near to all services, with good access to stroll and has lovely scenery when taking a walk. If villas are more your style, then this property will set you back 160,000 to 300,000 euros.

Conclusion about Oliva

Oliva properties, when compared to Costa Blanca properties, sell quickly because their prices and rents are cheap and within most purchasers' budgets. So, when looking for a house for sale in Oliva, think about if it is close to foreign schools, an open-plan salon, a common pool for water sports, restaurants, and markets. On property for sale websites, firms like Immoabroad provide a variety of search choices. You must first register on their website before using their services. You might also consider the following alternatives. Create an account using your personal information and a strong password. To gain access to popular searches, fill out the form below. Inquire about the price per square meter, information, and suggestions for a property. To fine-tune your search, use more filters. You may also sign up for their email newsletters. More criteria added to your search will reveal more homes or new built apartments with a sea view in a fully fenced plot in Oliva at reasonable prices.

Oliva Information

Oliva is a municipality in Spain. It is to be found in the Comarca of Safor in the Valencian community of the country. There is lovely coastline in the city. Also Mediterranean Sea lies close to it. There are numbers of beaches in the city. Some of the beaches even enjoy Blue Flag status. There are sand dunes in numbers of beaches where visitors may enjoy engaging activities. It is worth noting that the city is known across the province for celebrating the biggest and the most colourful Moors and Christians Festival. There are churches, museums, castles and other monuments as well in the city. Oliva is one among popular tourist destinations across Spain. It is in fact a famous escape for Spanish people residing in other parts of the country. The city is also known for its lovely and pleasant climatic conditions across the year. The winters tend to be mild whereas summers are really hot and dry too. Still you can enjoy roaming around and exploring the city due to easily tolerable temperature even during summers. The beauty of the place is certainly astonishing. There are numbers of natural places around. If you are interested in getting more information regarding this city, please feel free to explore the [destination_url: Oliva travel information] page over our website.

Assistance with buying properties for sale in Oliva

The personnel working with IMMO ABROAD are well aware of all the problems and complexities associated with real estate matters. That is why they offer full-fledged support and assistance in getting the best properties for sale in Oliva to the clients. For personal and direct meetings with the clients, we have set up our real-time office in the city. You can visit our local office anytime and get requisite help. You can even book appointments well-in-advance to clarify your doubts and sort out any problems regarding property relevant matters with the help of our experienced and trained teammates. We are dedicated to providing the best services on all fronts as far as real estate issues are concerned. It means you may remain assured about getting any types of help on any types of real estate problems.


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Other Oliva Properties

Undoubtedly, you will be astonished by the wonderful and top-rate properties for sale in Oliva as presented by IMMO ABROAD. However, the worth and aesthetic appeal of the properties located in other areas and regions can’t be denied or ignored. That is why numbers of our clients fall in love with these properties. If you also develop interest in any of the properties located in [closet cities] or other regions, we can help you in this respect too. It means you may remain assured about finding and getting the best properties available around the city too. We have approach in the nearby regions or areas also. Hence we offer complete assistance on all types of property related matters in other cities or regions as well. You can ask for help to look for and purchase plots, apartments, villas, independent homes or any other types of properties in areas adjacent to Oliva.